Written By Natasha Dalmia | August 30, 2019

Over the past decade, I have worked with leaders from diverse fields as that of Education, Healthcare, Childcare, Social Services; introducing Appreciative Inquiry (AI) to them. * In this article, I will zoom in on the work with Principals & Key Personnel…

Written By Jacqueline Wong | May 2015

Edited By Marge Schiller, Matthew Moehle, Peter Whitehouse

Towards a Model for Engaged Governance: Citizen Conversations for a Participatory Democracy

I wish to dedicate this Feature Choice article to Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore who built a nation where there was none. Singapore woke to the news…

Written By Jacqueline Wong | May 2012

Guest Editors: David Cooperrider, Lindsey Godwin, Brodie Boland and Michel Avital

The purpose of this article is to share some of my own learning journey and experiences in applying Appreciative Inquiry (AI) as a practitioner and what my colleagues at Sequoia Group have done to advance the theory and practice of AI through our…

Written By Jacqueline Wong and Ling Yuin Fong| 2011

Author background:

Jacqueline and Ling have their own consultancy practices and are also Faculty Associates of renowned leadership institute CCL, the Centre For Creative Leadership.

Besides being enthusiastic about leadership development, they both have a keen interest in the area of…

Speech Delivered By Jacqueline Wong at Anderson Junior College| Graduating Class of 2009

It gives me great joy and honour to be able to address all of you today.

Making Choices. 20 years ago, when I stepped out of these school gates, I knew that my life will be changed…

Written By Jacqueline Wong | June 2017

I was about to start a management retreat to share our findings from a discovery process when my mobile phone rang. My father was being sent in an ambulance to the hospital in an emergency as he had difficulty breathing. …

Written by Jacqueline Wong | June 2016

In order to understand what it takes to build sustainable communities, in the sense of communities with lasting cohesiveness, we will first have to understand what makes a community. We recently asked a workshop of membership-centric participants from the National Trades Union Congress…

Sequoia Networks | July 31 2003

The Answer to “How” is “Yes!” ~ Peter Block

By Jacqueline Wong

I once heard a parable from a former Head Civil Service, Lim Siong Guan, during a leadership forum. …

National Integration Council (NIC) Engagement Series, 2019
National Integration Council (NIC) Engagement Series, 2019

MCCY hosted a series of dialogues as part of the National Integration Council (NIC) Engagement series, held in conjunction with NIC’s 10th anniversary in 2019. The theme for the celebration was, “Together in SG”. In the lead up to these celebrations, MCCY conducted a series of closed-door dialogue sessions in…

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Sequoia is a Leadership & Organisation Development consultancy firm. Our purpose is to create organisations that are truly worthy of people’s commitment.

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